full coverage dental plans was I was feeling really really anxious after I was like waiting for the bus and I had to wait like ten minutes for the bus and full coverage dental plans.

full coverage dental plans
full coverage dental plans

Then the bus like was taking four everyday home I’m super anxious I was bleeding and I was really um exhausted and I just was I was grossed out because .

I was swallowing blood and I needed to change the cotton swabs and um my time I got home I was just like a mess I don’t know if I just was really.

I wasn’t in pain or anything I guess I was just anticipating pain and I was scared and nobody was with me at the time so when I got home I was just kind of like okay I got a you know changed the cotton swab .

I got to UM take a painkiller and at that time I still couldn’t feel my lip or my tongue and I was like trying to figure out like put the painkiller in there and then I was like trying to drink water .

I had to look in the mirror in order to see that the glass was on my bottom lip and then I was like drooling water everywhere it was really funny just throbbing my head was throbbing everything just I was like drawing blood I was crying.

I could as uncontrollable it was horrible and then Alex finally got home and then I had to try and take the ibuprofen and the pain pill like through my gauze and he brought me a milkshake because if you don’t eat with pain medication you’ll literally throw up and.

I already knew that was gonna happen so I was like trying to eat a milkshake while I’m dying I just took the pills and I just started shoveling ice cream by mouth because I just like didn’t want to throw up but I wanted the pain to go away and we then I’d say minutes the pain was gone.