dental insurance ga eyes I’m gonna start by writing your hair I’m gonna  dental insurance ga adjust your chair now okay today I need to do anything okay so I’m gonna start here let’s entangle it first so.

dental insurance ga
dental insurance ga

We know we’re right ponch I haven’t taken care of your pipe area very well normally we have .

A client sweet hair that it’s very damaged from all the treatments and coloring is very very beautiful like so are we trying to accomplish here is more into

a pair especially on the serious that will work here see it’s very very heavy and spare.

This area and it’s engage enough falling Oh make it channel right here so you’re gonna fix that we declared like so I thought the party suppose for someone because it’s

what shows first so I take my time on this area very good let me know if I’m pulling too hard okay that looks good you’re maintaining the length but daddy very good see how that looks very nice the formula that I’m talking about or

The baby lights that I’m gonna add to you it’s organic we can be hearing or someone it’s specially for merging hair hair that is not treated that much but it has never been bleached and it’s perfect for your type of hair you will maintain its natural beauty and you.

won’t damage your hair that’s why it’s just semi-permanent it will not stop long but if you want to go with something more permanent we also have another formula that lasts longer somebody’s still gentle gentle in their hair heart in

The hair check here that’s very good I’m not still a bit wet so they bother me it’s not gonna show up completely how do you normally draw you hair mmm and dry only well that’s a good reason why you hair is so so beautiful and so well taken care of because the blow-dryer and the heat you can damage the hair Hey it sees