Do¬† humana dental insurance what it’s most popular in the area but if your goal is to get new patients in the door you might want to sign up with more plans because at that point it’s not necessarily about reimbursement it’s just about getting patients in the door.

humana dental insurance 
humana dental insurance

However if you’ve got a decent patient flow and you are looking to your goal is to increase your profitability or your production with fewer patients then you want to be looking at the fee schedule then you want to be looking at the reimbursement rate so

This question also you might because a dollars a dollar it doesn’t matter if your Medicaid or you are Delta Dental and you are in the top percent bracket $ $ when you need $ and so consider the plans in your area consider what like

What Sharia is saying you know how their lease and what plans were under whether you’re under an umbrella plan where you need to be credentials individually with the company but also you want to look at do I just need a dollar or am

I looking for a stronger reimbursement because you can always well not always you can’t eval you always evaluate your insurance plans as you move forward through the growth of your business and hire somebody like Shari jolly to negotiate your plants

When they can be renegotiated or at least do a comparison chart we’ve got a comparison chart we give dogs all the time on how you can compare your feats so that’s just a little bit of a viewpoint based on where you’re at in your business and

What your goals are in achieving absolutely any other points to that question Shari do you want to share well one of the things is when you if we are telling you to look at